Shipping, transportation, and payment

A customer may elect to use SiteBox Storage as its transportation provider for any purchased units. Cost of transportation will be as listed on this website, or as negotiated by the customer with SiteBox Storage.

Customers, or their representatives, may enter SiteBox Storage’s premises for purposes of picking up purchased units during normal business hours or by appointment.

SiteBox Storage may assist with loading of purchased units on customer’s (or their representative’s) truck or trailer. However, SiteBox Storage is not responsible for determining or warranting the fitness of any particular mode of transportation for its units. SiteBox Storage will not be responsible for any damage or legal infraction caused as a result of using inadequate equipment or misuse of adequate transportation equipment, inadequately secured loads, etc.

Whether the customer picks up purchased units or elects to have SiteBox Storage deliver them, the customer is solely responsible for any necessary site preparation for where the purchased units will be placed and/or used. This includes any necessary access route to and from the site where the unit will be placed.

SiteBox Storage is not responsible for any safety or fitness factors not listed here, but some factors the customer may want to consider include:

  • Level surface for placement or use of unit.
  • Adequate road, driveway, or other surface for heavy vehicle access to site.
  • Presence of overhead wires.

All units sold by SiteBox Storage are sold on an “as is” basis. No warranty applies to these purchases. The customer may use photos of listed units to judge their suitability prior to purchase, or the customer may enter SiteBox Storage’s premises to inspect prior to purchase. However, once a unit is purchased, the sale is final.

SiteBox Storage will attempt to accurately represent the listed units through photos on this website. However, lack of website photos or any issues that were not discernible through website photos will not be a reason for rejection of purchased units by the customer. Each customer has the ability to physically inspect unit(s) before purchase, and is encouraged to do so.

Purchased units (and transportation services, if applicable) must be paid in full prior to any unit leaving SiteBox Storage’s premises. SiteBox Storage will accept payment by mail (check or money order), or through this website, via credit card or bank account EFT. For payments by mail, SiteBox Storage must have received check or money order prior to any purchased units leaving its premises.

  • Make Check payable to SiteBox Storage
  • Write Item Number on your check or money order
  • SiteBox Storage Payment Address:
  • SiteBox Storage
Dept # 30730
PO Box 790126
St. Louis, MO 63179-0126