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Don't settle for just an office trailer. A SiteBox Office/Storage Combo is like a marriage made in heaven. You get a safe, ground-level office, plus spacious storage, all in one economical unit. The rugged steel structures are made to take the beating that some worksites deliver. Available in variable sizes, get just the amount of office, or of storage that you need! It's an easy way to keep your worksite organized, even keeping the documents you need right on site.

20' & 40' Mobile Worksite Offices

sbs 20ft office hero cutout
portable office interior 1
portable storage office setting
portable office interior 2

20' Office/Storage Combo

12' Office / 8' Storage

20 office storage combo side
20 office storage combo top

40' Office/Storage Combo

15' Office / 20' Storage

20' Office / 20' Storage

40 office storage combo top features


Get what you need in an office, with the convenience of attached storage. Each Office/Storage combo unit, available in 20' or 40' options, has security windows, HVAC with temperature control, and safety features, like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Ready-to-go desks have electrical and ethernet connections, to bring the convenience of an onsite office to you. No ramps or stairs required, since these units are ground-level access. Treated steel construction makes the storage water-resistant and pest proof.

high security locking system
High-Security Locking System
easy ground level access
Ground-Level Access
easy access temperature control
Interior Temperature Control


Portable Storage Accessories - Secure Locking

Secure Locking

Our locks are sized to fit container doors.
Portable Storage Accessories - Bike Racks

Bike Racks

Ordered in 20' lengths. Each section holds 25 bikes, hung by the tires.
three tier shelving

3-Tier Shelving

Holds up to 550lbs/shelf or 1100lbs/bracket. 32" depth.
Pipe Racks

Pipe Racks

Organize pipes securely while clearing up 24" of open floor space below.
Portable Storage Accessories - Ramps


Save time and money instead of laying down asphalt or gravel for access. Easy to install, and safer to use for uneven surfaces
We do not provide moving services, including; packing, loading, unloading or transporting of loaded SiteBox containers.

Container Delivery and Installation

Getting your container on site is quick and easy. Give us a call, or go online and we'll have it delivered exactly where you want it, when you want it. It's all thanks to a highly refined transportation system and strategically located SiteBox Storage distribution hubs.

How much room do we need to deliver your container?

A 20-foot container needs approximately 50 to 100 feet of straight clearance, depending on the type of delivery equipment available in your area. A 40-foot container would need approximately 100 feet of straight clearance and an approximate width of 12 feet.

Storage Container Clearance

Tilt-Bed Tractor Trailer | 40' Unit

Tilt-Bed Tractor Trailer | 20' Unit

Portable Storage


Returning your storage container is easy.
Schedule on our SB Customer Portal, or simply give us a ring at 855-SiteBox (855-748-3269)

pick up or relocate your storage container


For clients with ongoing logistical requirements, we offer the convenience of relocating your empty storage container rental to your next project site.

Storage Trailers

When dock height access is a must, choose our 53-foot dry van storage trailers. (48-foot trailers also available in Northeast Kansas.) Inspected annually by certified mechanics to meet current FHWA standards, our dock-height storage trailers are fully weatherproof and feature easy-access swing doors. Our fleet is serviced by trained SiteBox Storage technicians and has solid floors, good corners, and weather-sealed doors. Our lease terms start at just one month with timely maintenance for issues like tires, weatherproofing or brake maintenance–which means very little downtime for you. Our trailers make an excellent dry storage option for distribution centers, manufacturing centers, and warehouses.

Get It On Your Terms

Whether you're looking for a temporary solution or thinking about making a long-term investment, we have an option that will meet your needs and your bottom line.


  • Use it only when you need it
  • Prompt delivery and pick up
  • 28-day billing cycle


  • 2-year/26-month term
  • No down payment required
  • Available in all markets


  • New and used units (View Inventory)
  • Delivery available
  • Large selection

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