Mobile Refrigerators

Mobile Refrigerators

Cold Storage—Mobile Refrigeration When You Need It

Convenient cold storage from the industry leader in mobile storage. With a 20’ or a 30’ cold box you can add just the right amount of mobile cold storage. SiteBox Refrigerated Containers can be used for a variety of temperature variations from a dry cooler to a deep freeze. They are equipped with adjustable temperature settings from -20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to accommodate a wide variety of temperature-sensitive perishables.

mobile refrigerator 20
mobile refrigerator 30

Convenient Cold Storage

Add just the right amount of mobile cold storage with a commercial refrigerated container. These commercial grade, durable containers are safe for worksites and can be used for a variety of temperature variations from a dry cooler to a deep freeze.
Available in 20’ or 30’ units, these containers can be set in place at ground level and moved as needed. Ramps are available to make them easy to get in and out of. They’re internally well-lit and have quiet, single-phase electrical systems.

Average Cost, Diesel vs Electric Comparison

Monthly Associated Costs Diesel Electric
Unit Rental Fee $1100 $1050
Monthly Usage Time 400 hours 400 hours
Engine Run Time Fees $1.10/hour 0
Fuel/Energy Used 400 gallons 400 hours
Fuel/Energy Costs $2.83/gallon $0.10/hour
Monthly Fuel Delivery Fees $400 $0
Electrical Hookup Cost (amortized) $0 $92
Total Monthly Charges $3,072 $1,182*
*Approx. savings may vary based on market location


  • 20’ and 30’ (1,115 cubic ft or 2,391 cubic ft.)
  • 240 volt, single phase, electric
  • Adjustable thermostats automatically defrosts
  • Stainless steel interior walls
  • Overhead, LED lights with motion detection
  • Aluminum, diamond-plate flooring
  • Factory set temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees
  • Emergency escape latch


  • Dependable, secure location for perishables
  • Cost-efficient, energy efficient
  • Quiet, electric operation
  • No fuel costs. 80% energy cost savings over diesel reefer units
NSF Certified

Add a Refrigerated Container to your Site.

cost saving single phase power
safer ground level access
reliable, easy-to-read temperature gauge

Safe, Easy Access

Each refrigerated container is equipped with a small and a large door to control how much air escapes when opened. Like our traditional storage containers, our refrigerated storage units are ground level, making them safer, and easier to transport and set in place. Ramps are an optional accessory, added to make transporting pallets convenient and easy.

Solid, Economical Design

With a rugged steel frame and a solid floor design, these refrigerated containers make it easy to pull pallet jacks. Temperature and defrost elements are by Johnson Controls, and have a temperature variation of -20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The 240-volt, single phase electrical system is easy to put in place, and requires no extensive electrical work. These site-ready units offer an 80% energy cost savings compared to diesel reefer units.