Mobile Offices

Mobile Offices

Office Anywhere–Without Compromise

Let's face it, the dashboard of a truck makes a lousy desk. When you need to get work done right in the middle of all the action, you need a real, fully functional office from SiteBox Storage. Our portable offices are assembled and finished right in our own production facility, here in the U.S.A., to withstand virtually any setting. Unlike other mobile offices on the market, ours are built to sit at ground level, making them both safer and more attractive. Our portable offices are configured to maximize productivity and provide all of the amenities of a modern brick-and-mortar office to help you take care of business in comfort.

8' x 20' Mobile Office
20' Office
8' x 40' Mobile Office

Comfort and Security in a Mobile Office.

Standard Features

Ethernet & Electrical
Cat 5 & 20A/120V duplex receptacles for desk-area connections.
Fire Extinguisher
Each mobile office is equipped with a fire extinguisher for emergencies.
Fluorescent Lighting
Shielded and tamper proof overhead fluorescent lighting.
You'll have the comfort of heating and air with an exterior wall-mounted HVAC unit. These systems are known for rugged dependability.
Insulated FRP Walls
The interior of our mobile office units are finished with insulated FRP walls for durability.
Smoke/CO2 Detectors
All office units are equipped with insulated smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.
Grilled Security Windows
Windows of SiteBox mobile offices are built with reinforced windows and grills for upgraded security.
Ground-Level Access
No stairs or ramps required. Unlike trailer offices, SiteBox Storage offices are safer to enter and easier to transport and set in place.
Our office exteriors feature wind- and water-tight construction, are pest proof, and will withstand ocean travel. Built from treated steel to resist rusting.
High-Security Locking System
A lockbox is welded to each unit’s door, so securing them is easy. The padlock is not visible and is protected from being removed with bolt cutters.

Optional Accessories

Plan Table
Add a table to maximize space. Creates a 48 inch wide work space and easily folds up when not in use.
Secure Locking
Our locks are sized to fit container doors. Locks can be keyed alike, on request.
Save time and money instead of laying down asphalt or gravel for access. Easy to install, and safer to use for uneven surfaces.
3-Tier Shelving
Stable shelving, holds up to 550 lbs per shelf or 1100 lbs per bracket. Creates 32 inches of floor space.
Pipe Racks
Organize pipes securely while clearing up 24 inches of open floor space below.
Fast Wall
A fast wall can divide your mobile office into 2 or 3 sections. Available with or without a man door.
Fast Wall with Man Door
Internal fast walls can be equipped with walk-through personal doors.
We'll find the furnishings you need, like desks, lockers, tool cribs and cabinets, then quote it based on the options.

What You Need in a Portable Office. Delivered.

Leave the Logistics to Us

Getting your container on site is quick and easy. Give us a call, or go online and we'll have it delivered exactly where you want it, when you want it. It's all thanks to a highly refined transportation system and strategically located SiteBox Storage distribution hubs.

How much room do we need to deliver your unit?

A 20-foot container needs approximately 50 to 100 feet of straight clearance, depending on the type of delivery equipment available in your area. A 40-foot container would need approximately 100 feet of straight clearance and an approximate width of 12 feet.

Tilt-Bed Tractor Trailer | 40' Unit

Wrecker Truck | 20' Unit

Portable Storage
SiteBox Storage Container Delivery

Portable Storage on your worksite

Get It On Your Terms

Whether you're looking for a temporary solution or thinking about making a long-term investment, we have an option that will meet your needs and your bottom line.


  • Use it only when you need it
  • Prompt delivery and pick up
  • 28-day billing cycle

Lease to Own


  • New and used units
  • Delivery available
  • Large selection